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Monday, May 17, 2010

Beg to Differ

Its just differences in instances that make all the difference. Happy
genesis depressing endings I guess the mystery's in between them. Life
after prior screenings, they went ignored the meanings with the
teachings for kids who were bored so of course deaf ears are what the
lessons peer through. Just to get to you, and your peers been through.
And all in all I kinda feel you too. But you burnt bridges I stuck to
swishers dig the residue. You dug the rubble brought more trouble. Its
all good, but anger started to bubble over. I can feeli it rising
somewhere past my shoulders. Still kept my head...

Its always interesting when you have a liberty or privilege taken away
from you unexpectedly. Mainly how u deal with that missing familiar
thing. Some people don't do well at all, I try to look at it as a
God wanted me to do things differently today I can't complain about
that. He's still letting me try and get them done dig me?
Phone's have been on my mind a lot recently. I got the upgrade text
from the boys in blue so I'm ready to make that happen. This old
blackberry don't work like it used to lol
What are the contenders? Iphone (4G) Droid, Blackberry. Maybe HTC I
don't know... So that's apple, google, & RIM. Too much thought will be
going into this decision. Any suggestions? {As if you'd give them, or
as if I'd listen}
So I was walking around in walmart doing what you do when you have no
$ and no olans for the day in the media section (surprise right?). I
see this little white boy bring a cd up to his mom's, kid couldnt've
been older than 10 or 11. It was a copy of 50 cent's the Massacre.
Damn... Lol not to say that's who buy's 50's music, I'm just saying...
Anyway shout out to the universal power that is music right? I wonder
what little dude's moms was thinking though...
My phone cut off and I lost ALL of this. Be proud of me before that
was reason enough to say f it and call it a day. I know where I'm not
though, and I want some of you to atleast rest easy knowing I miss you
too. People can be so fickle with their emotions I guess its important
to me that you feel our interactions were legit.
I was asked if any1 reads my blog. To which I replied yeah about 22
people (that's a low number)
*double meaning*
Got me thinking about how I felt when I first started blogging. It was
a little overwhelming. If nobody was reading it or checking it really
what was the point?
I asked the same question about my facebook page... Now I don't have a
facebook page lol. Maybe I should leave the questions alone? Naaaaah.
Unlike my facebook or whatever else I'm on this is mine. Like really
mine f*ck what them blogspot admins have to say about it. I own this
spot dig me? So before I even realized it this was the spot for me to
be real with myself. Not with you.
I went back and read earlier entries and everything was wrapped in
some encryptic message. Of course. I wasn't comfortable with what was
going on around me, or my surroundings. Thankfully, much of that has
changed, without really changing a thing at all.
I'm just more willing than I have ever been to share with some
specific people. Whoever else catches it along with some feelings and
a shred of investment can stay along for the ride.
Make sense?
Freakbody you taking too long yo! Its like this. You can get out here
asap and struggle with me. Or wait and hope I've figured it out by the
time you touchdown. Your choice, I vote for the former. Who wants to
struggle dolo??
Downtown Sac, Midtown, or Elk Grove. Your choice they're all nice. The
1st two would probably be best for you but its whatever.
We could damn near flip it my dude. I'm an honorary Harlem n*gga now
lmao {east coast boy riiiight?? ;) }what's good?? Same applies get it
set up I'm there.
We gotta get used to moving anyway. I know I'm ready. I know who's
not... Yet anyway.
Borders is fun. I always have fun here, must be the smell of new
books. Or the workman like mentality people bring to surfing the
internet on their laptops. *shrugs*
Its an interesting place. Catching up on my manga/anime. Its been
about 2 weeks since I read the last 1. Smh I do have an app on my
phone for that, but then again this POS only works 30% of the time.
Shout out to Mango! Blackberry users go cop now.
I was feeling down about my 'situation' today and I realized my little
dude Mason started preschool. God bless that child! Stuff like that
pretty much makes it impossible for me to feel upset with what I'm
facing. That's life right there!
*until I call BD*
Speaking of calls today was supposed to be the day for convo's. Still
might be if I have my way. Hopefully you all will pick up the phone.
Cause for me, making calls is like the act of holding your breath.
Sometimes you want to see how long you can go for, but once you've hit
your mark its not really something you want to attempt again lol.
I guess its safe to say I'll be 'holding my breath' for some of you then lol.
This always happens. She's mad cute (doesn't matter anyway) but her
friend's mad cuter (REALLY doesn't matter anyway). Just thinking about
those moments when you catch yourself allowing your imagination to
take you on those 'what if' trips.

Clarification needed?
I'll pass this one to the left.
'No stress no stress at alllll! No stress no stress at alll!!'
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