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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy #200

I wasn't ever gonna liberate this, then I saw it was post 200 coming up. Aww shucks lol well all I can say is take it for what it is. 1 of the ast times I wrote anything significant besides today. Hopefully there's more to come lol.

Oh and don't judge me this was atleast a good 2 months ago.

I find it funny because I noticed every word that goes unspoken
you know it deep down that's reason enough for a smile
when I'm deep throating but fuck it he's potent and I'm focused
at least I'm trying to be but sometimes I feel like 1000 lies flying at me
thought I found the key for we but its all the same to me just to be floating
I'm choking on the air speed creates wiping nut off my face nigga keep smoking
The hell I wanna remember this for? then I remembered who I was doing this for
"crazy" she says the way the blues and pinks in the sky mesh
She was talking about the birds eyes let the sky rest that was my (most recent) request
So I could get back to the beat that's was keeping a little to quietly for what I'd expect
unless Jess in the driver's seat planned it out that way ok weren't we here for the sunrise
in the first place? I bet this sh*t carry on until the sunset but son set the wall won't let me
see it right anyway positioning's off we botched this up I think its fantastic no shock tactics
Besides its gonna rise high enough for us to spot it so why don't we just stop it spark up
and change topics I won't front the way you rolled the blunt up got me thinking and lately
your boy been heatseeking Mr. Sea King my man was right pipe do make it better
and how she was last night I know I'll never forget her until there's something better
How superficial that ain't really me is it? Man fuck a trick fuck a bitch but Turtle your
sensitive you always lend a shoulder what's gotten into you kid? nothing really I'm so imaginative
I get flashes of emotions like ya'll do that's exactly why I write it places me in a calm state
I can't be fake in your face if we're close enough to go there cause you know a past mistake
doesn't just disappear that shit'll shake the baddest rock until breaks and I'm coming from there
I'm trying to make sure I do go back I don't know if that's a certainty but certainly effort on
display is needed in the worst way curve it away too close who knows who's pretending
ahhh paranoia I wondered when I'd see you again awkward grin when my income lends to
more fun sh*t get used to this jack rabbit in and out because the scenery's shifting
these damn 5 red lights got a beef with me I ignore them when I'm cruising but its harder
when I'm boarding here's a thought I figured whenever I get bored or in need a conversation
I'll just log on my blog post something and wait for Envy to go off he really is what makes my comment section so hot and cause I said he's name he'll probably say I suck cock or my mother's cock but girls know that's so so... naaah lol I said it right that's exactly what I mean too
so really though tell me what's good my dude? How's your life? How's your job? You gotta wife? are you like 12? not delve too far into your personal life I just wonder where you find the time to diss me well just about every time I log on the internet it doesn't make it me upset honestly I'm impressed emersed in mystery unaware of your whereabouts part of me thinks I should be a little scared I mean really think it out it's kind of weird cause I don't know what you about my life my blog I put myself out in the open like f*ck it little suckers will get a chuckle on some real sh*t Ironically I thought it'd be some old chick doin the clucking not that case here... so weird whatever though its all good my mind's going places it probably shouldn't its early i'm stuck already
watching Marley getting dirty chasing birdies wtf is this working? I'm supposed to be getting chased
but I leave that space far too quickly today its afternoon now was that time wasted?
Too many questions so many locked chests what am I left with not the 1st option
I'm 2nd guessing everything so I don't get lost in the middle of the clusterf*ck my mind is quick to put
in the oven let that set baking insecurities I get emails and text that won't let me forget guilty is
my conscious if the mirror's being honest in what it shows me people astonished like he's
actually growing and the pains aint enough to keep me out this game I like playing so I remain in the middle of if it all the terrain's just different it's hardly a physical challenge the pool of talent refills itself constantly there clear? I think my mind has a chemical imbalance I swear it
never hesitates to make an effort to stop even or not I enjoy the tilt because its different and
I've grown accustomed to wanting to chill so predictable basically I'm on when I'm off
routinely stretching the box directing myself to thrills that kill any ill will my insides are harboring still
get a feel for the 'real' the grip of the blue steel aint for me but its there daily so maybe that makes me
harder than you? There's a thought... Blow a knot because I live life sacrficing packed with fighting so any item i'm buying is not to be showing off...

Unfinished. There's a surprise...  Hope you enjoyed it!


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