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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heart's Kingdom

Sitting here watching Kingdom Hearts being played while trying to get through my own RPG adventures is bringing up way too many questions. Its these times when I start to feel like the camera needs to be rolling.

RPG's are the dark horses of Western gaming anyway, so acceptance is something fans (of RPG's) can relate to wanting or not needing.


Just the image of goofy and Donald going ham on monsters is a little much. Its more than a little much lol but its accepted. Lol its more than accepted too, I wonder why exactly that is. Sure kids would see it and immediately feel a sense of relate-ability, but what about the hardcore audience?

In some way, allowing the 'even more so' enchanting presence of Disney character's to a fantasy affair could've and probably SHOULD HAVE turned the 'hardcore' crowd away. Fact of the matter is it didn't because the game was dope as sh*t. It could've been taken for what it wasn't intended to be.

The integrity of RPG's and squaresoft(enix) in general were really front and center, and thankfully all that needed to be said was 'play the game'.

I'm searching for THOSE times lol. Nah its not about a game. Its about the mindset that allowed the game to be approachable without sifting through layers upon layers of unnecesary bias.

Lol it's STILL weird to see that sh*t though.. The question I'm trying to answer right now (FF7 fans stand up) is how important is the umbrella to me?

*the Tiger head was FINALLY slayed and I said f*ck an umbrella she's dead already lol*

Slow Sundays usually involve getting absolutely nothing done. I'm regretful to not be able to buck that trend today but I guess more down time can't really hurt.

I can't wait to get back on my Mayweather sh*t. I'm damn near there I just aint found the heart to actually go work out lol I'm gettin up in the middle of the night though. *rolls eyes*

'We talking bout' fiction hold up, pardon my back' - Hov

I can't remember the last time I was at a wedding, or if I've ever been. That's weird, but I guess that's one thing I may never have to do. Not hating on marriage even though my faith in that isn't too far off from how I feel about the church. RIGHT NOW anyway, there's always room for change =)

I think I pulled something messing with my conditioning partner. Groin region. All bad. =)

Got me to thinking watching Marley run all things considered today was a fairly good if not unproductive day. I say that with a huge smile and giddy feeling of excitement for what the night may bring.

I know I'm taking 30 minutes out to assume my role as Huey (from the Boondocks. Watch my show geez) after that who knows. If u haven't noticed the fantasies are where its at for me lol.

Hopefully sleep shows up tonight with a pillow a glass of rosé in 1 hand and some nyquil (or whatever put's u out in the other) OD? 'Ehhh' lol. Its whatever if your concerned the phone will be on til I pass out.

How bout these playoffs though?? Still going with LA to win it all. Against... Orlando. Yep, and that's AFTER their game 1 loss to an ever impressive Boston team. Can't those f*ckers just fall off and NOT bounce back for once? I thought it was going to be Orlando/Cleveland but you know...

I'm picking Orlando because they clearly looked like the best team in the playoff pool this postseason {playing straight gumps}, and I believe after the shock of playing a real prepared playoff team, they'll shake off the cobwebs and come to work.

Let's be real their team is built to be dangerous as sh*t and more times than not they succeed.

Suns have looked good too.. Lol that's all I have for them.

Orlando in 7 for the finals rematch. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing either 1 of those team's going up against LA again, so its all good in my book. Just wish LeBron would've had his sh*t together this year.

Damn there I go... ^^ .. I wish LeBron's teammates had their sh*t together this year.. And he didn't turn the ball over so much lol

Looks like my episode is getting mixed reviews. What ya'll didn't like the social commentary? Lol smh...


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