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Saturday, May 15, 2010


3 blogs in 3 new problems! That's hot yo lol too bad its true. We living over here though no time for that mess.

I'm missing my dudes something vicious right now. Chill I already dispelled what It was on twitter. Ya'll my brothers and I'ma love n care for you all as such. F*ck a pause.

With the topic of love and affection comes hurt and deception. That's just how it goes I've come to learn. *shrugs* its tough to deal with either side knowing my mind thinks like that, but what can you do?

I feel like I censor things well... But there's. still work to do there too. {Can't decide if that's sarcastic or not.}

Anyway I need to create some weekly event that brings everybody together. Any ideas? The real question is who's going to be willing to show up every week??

I know some people would be down but they don't live out here :/ I'm dead*ss gonna get this poppin though. It can't be hoop related either, we have to get away from that grind sometimes and just chill.


Winco run's aren't fun without earbuds/phones.. I'm hurting on the technological side of musical contraptions smh...

This is good though, me writing again. Its been a good minute and how I'm feeling I'm about to really let loose, or atleast try to. I held the last time I did that back off the blog, but maybe I'll be feeling like f*ck it.

*sighs* dishonesty sucks...

To make matters worse from what I hear Heroes is no more. They cancelled my guilty pleasure show. Let's be real for a minute, that show was dumb as f*ck most of the time. But it was about super heroes!

I guess I'll have to carry on for the both of us Gabriel. Smh... So sad.. Not as sad as losing the Wire. That sh*t still hurts lol but sad nonetheless.

I'm hungry, and I can't eat what I got at WinCo. Ahhh who's ready for a fun night? (Index to the sky lol)

*the breakdown to coodies was ill*



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