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Friday, May 14, 2010

what's your fantasy?

I try really hard to be a positive person. I start off everyday with a full tank. Even keep 1 on reserve, I know how unexpected this muf*cka can get. I'm sayin all that to say this. Today I was thrust into a situation.

At the end of the day I chose my own fate so I can't really say too much on that end. I can say I was presented a ridiculous amount of time to make a decision. Oh and I was NOT informed of the significance of the entire ordeal. 'Ehhh'.

Basically get me home damn it!

I swear I was hot (tight/mad) writing up to this point. I realized me being all those things isn't going to get me home any faster. So it'd be best to make the most of my situation instead of being nonproductive cursing it dig me??

That's that positive attitude I was speaking on earlier. Gotta keep that if I lose it its a wrap. Dead*ss.

I'm just excited for my night geez! Me n Jess gonna be chilling how WE do lol. Got the Blind Side and Legions on deck for my cinema watching pleasures. Final Fantasy VII (cult purists chill! Lol) running on the ps3. I'll probably get on modern warfare 2 and little big planet but ff7 is where its primarily at. Maybe purchasing FF8? My bottle of Rosè ayyyeee! Possibly some other things ;)

Yo check it. No sex in the champaign room lmao. Having way too much fun in this back seat. Its been awhile since I knowingly put my thoughts down on anything for you and you and you. Feels good, definitely something I love doing.

Damn can I go IN on this chick for a min?
*nerd alert*

How the f*ck you gonna play Kingdom Hearts and hate on Final Fantasy VII?? Does that make any sense??

*sorry I gotta get this out*

My irritation goes back to me coming out of a state of mind where I feel people/things weren't getting their just due. So don't get me wrong! If you've happened to play both games and your not feeling 1 or the other that's your OPINION. No qualms there.

I take issue when you disregard what's pretty much video game bible law that FF7 is a good game (the shit's great, amazing, nothing short of phenomenal, and one of the best vid games I've played EVER! But that's beside the point). Like come on!

Kingdom Hearts would not even exist if not for Final Fantasy 7! I was told the reason the game is so popular/good is its inclusion of disney characters... I'm glad the video game market's attempt to reel in young kids' lunch money got you.

No, the real reason the game was so widely received and popular was because of the inclusion of SQUARESOFT(ENIX now) characters. AKA final fantasy characters that had not graced a video game since the last final fantasy game they were included in (they don't make true sequels to the game you know. Except FFX.)

So while you were thinking its goofy, tarzan, simba, and Mickey it was really. Holy sh*t Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Aeris, etc. Are all back and playable again. Smarten up geez... I feel like this little segment on the history of BOTH of these great games isn't fitting enough..

Maybe a post later?? I said I was going in I just scratched the service though.. Lord knows I don't play with that series lol guess who I am?? (I don't think people could guess if I gave em 5 shots)

Btw can I please just get home? Wtf!? I don't think the scale of which I'm overly willing is ever under the right magnifying scope. There I go...


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