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Saturday, May 29, 2010

T.I. vs the Hustlers

Does T.I. have your ears? Have you checked out his new mixtape hosted by DJ Drama entitled F*ck A Mixtape? Anyway I'm just curious.. I've noticed a certain fat man has stepped in to fill T.I.'s (and now Wayne's) shoes. The fat man: Rick Ross. The void: Hustler rap. That thuggity thug thuggin stuff lol.

Anyway I just thought it was an interesting scenario to keep an eye on. For the record, my opinion on T.I.'s tape is this. He killed it. Real over-aggressive content bringing fans back to the trap Tip. We'll see if anyone's taking notice though that album is SUPPOSED to be coming around the corner...

... I don't much like Rick Ross, but I'll admit he has been everywhere as of late. I'm still rocking with T.I. if it comes down to it. King Uncaged coming soon!


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