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Friday, May 28, 2010


You'd think I don't LOVE my city/coast if you paid attention to how many west artist actually get thrown on this blog. I mean, its nothing personal we just aint picking up the slack as far as the rhyming goes. There are those few who are holding it down, and I try to hold them down as well (Blu I see you! Nipsey I got you!). Anyway here's another example of what I'd call subpar rapping, but I'm repping today so f*ck what you heard! lol

Lol some of ya'll like who? Chill peep the streets of Frisco my dude... (Berkeley what's good?)

You may remember this song, or maybe you've never heard of it...? I can't remember how big it was but it got play out here quite a bit.. Those days were outta line smh.

'get your grown man on when you where topsiders' lmao *dead* at anything in this song or video being 'grownman-ish'.

Brings back memories though, them boys was getting it! People really would be posted going dumb like that too smh not so much around these parts anymore. You gotta go BACK to the bay for that. Sacramento what's good!?


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