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Sunday, June 20, 2010


People have a knack for pissing me off when I don't really have a means to nip it in the bud with a smart*ss strategically planned social network jab. It's ok as long as I can speak my peace. Even if the rest of the world doesn't get to see me make accurate rebuttals. I just can't STAND when some1 says I don't mean something I said I dead*ss meant.

I'm growing weary of those who are quick to put a situation out there, and just as quick to retreat. It's simple really, if you f*ck with me my genuine nature shouldn't be something that comes as much of a surprise. I'm me, I don't try to be something I'm not, and if I did I wouldn't be very good at it at all.

Phoniness is a deterrent I've long strived to push out of my life. I guess all this rambling on and on does very little to help the current situation/nonsituation. What I mean by all of that ^ is don't get caught in my life being phony.

Just don't. Dead*ss though why??

Is it fun to live behind insecurities? Hell no.  So who the f*ck is the genius who said let's allow people to befriend 1 another, just so long as they are dishonest and insecure about the truth's they may encounter. I'M HUMAN! I FEEL THINGS! WHAT'S MORE, I KNOW YOUR HUMAN TOO! SO GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS!?

I know you feel things too..

I try to carry myself as if it WERE me feeling whatever it is you feel. Not because I like doing it, but because I like caring about people I think/feel care about me. I like being able to return that happy feeling some1 gives me with just a look.

People poke fun at my behavior all the time, and that's cool. Just so long as I know when any of those people needed me, I didn't relegate them to the back. I showed the same love, respect, and curiosity throughout. In a a nutshell, I was ME.

I want to thank my father BD for being so damn stubborn. I cried for my man's Dale and Sean today. I love their babies more than they'll know, and I can't WAIT for the day yo... Let me leave it alone.

*Happy Father's Day*


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