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Friday, June 25, 2010

Outkast for Outcasts being Outcast

OFOBO. I'm trying to really appreciate this musical tandem today. My plan is to listen starting with their first album all the way through to the present. Probably won't get too far into it, but that just means I'll have to make it an Outkast weekend. Nothing wrong with that.

Getting ready to head back downtown for employment and living possibilities. Fun stuff. I love being down there, I just wish I could take Marley with me. Especially today since I'm looking to make a day of it. She needs to recover though...

Outkast. That's what it is today. I started my review for Drake's Thank Me Later and stopped shortly after that lol. I'll get it done just need to find me some free time with some headphones. Not too much to say I'll be checking in though..

*Aquemini is O to the D!*

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