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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beautiful Walks

I don't know why Ive never seen this video before today. Maybe I did and I just... shame on me.

Anyway in light of all the walking that's going on coupled with musical compositions from my favorites I've found myself literally taking trips down memory lane. This particular song hit me hard today. I just so happened to be with Marley on a loooong expedition and 'beautiful' came on. I don't know if it would've been the same without her, but I was deep into my memory so it didn't really matter.

I remember I used to walk with ipod in tow (I miss that little guy...) blasting Eminem's relapse album just prior to coming home for good. Those were tough times because I literally had no 1 for a little while. Everybody had went back home relocated or whatever, I was stuck bouncing in and out of Freshman dorms (ha shoutout to Little Tokyo) trying to keep Marley from being taken away (I would have to leave her caged in strange random locations hiding places. People would call complaints would be made. The end result of which usually ended in me sprinting through town to combat the false allegations of an abandoned dog... see I was evicted, but that's just. What wasn't was them trying to treat my dog like the rest of my stuff. no dice.)

So walking today was in a way therapeutic. The scenery was most certainly different and I couldn't help but think about the huge contrasts... I lost this 1.

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