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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Morning Walks

Back on the 1, 2. maneuver.

Haven't been sleeping well and I can feel it catching up to me which sucks because I need to have energy to get around in this heat.

Your poem was ill. I could've cried at the emotion and honesty alone. My drunkenness wouldn't allow for such things. so I passed out half amazed half bitter. Did she just... Nah my sh*t was better lol but you have me thinking I may have lent a hand in creating a whole different kind of monster. I win. Again.

Gotta be careful in claiming my victories as my conquests are hardly taken how they were intended to be.

Know that this weaves in and out through my entire body and causes an emotional collapse. Dead*ss last night I was sobbing, I don't know the chords tug at me. However, it captures the pressures of sorrow, doubt, extreme anxiety, and lost love for me. Diggeth.

*Let's go Marley*

_ _

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