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Monday, July 12, 2010

Chill this is SERIOUS

There's so much more than what the camera's caught. I'm not going to dig through the archives and find the breakdown of it all but she pretty much forced dude into the battle literally. Whatever though it's not about why it's about the what.

After the situation turned heated dude kept his cool. My f*cking hero. Admittedly right now I'm having my own self control issues, and I think about this every time. I mean if he could control himself after that there's really no excuse is there? Unless he didn't know where he was lol (*sighs* not funny).

His mouth got reckless so she wrecked his jaw.. I think, excuse me, I know this is an issue a lot of people have to deal with. Domestic violence isn't cool, it isn't to EVER be accepted LADIES, and guys we should know better. That's some1's daughter, and that statement really says it all.

Believe me this isn't a Pro Charles Hamilton blog entry. It's an awareness post that I felt needed to be touched upon in light of my own personal ongoings. I agree with the interviewer though, and my views on this event are as such:

For how badly Chris Brown was blacklisted over his situation with Rihanna I feel like this should've had the opposite affect for dude. (it was around the same time I think..) The fact that he's since been linked with that right hook by detractors is so disappointing to me. What are you trying to tell the youth hip hop?? Like what the F*CK!?

However I CAN say through this situation I learned a lot, which is why I'm revisiting it now. I feel like I needed to remind myself what a REAL man does which is control himself regardless of what your faced with.

I think more than anything I appreciate how Charles handled the entire situation. The punch was just the beginning. The public backhands he (still) receives are the now, but he's laughing at himself because that's all that can really be done at this point. Here's proof...

Along with more reasons why I LOVE sampling. Thanks Charles. To U I'm sorry but like I said WorkinOnit Uknow! Ladies I love you muuuuuaaaaahhh!
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