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Saturday, August 7, 2010

All these critiques

Hey hi and hello.

I don't know what happened yesterday but I was writing (all bets off sort o=f thing) and I guess I never got around to all that 'blogging' I was talking. My bust. Still thinking *waterfalls* and *foreign spices* both of which I like. Cool stuff. I'm growing real aggy at some of the claims I've been hearing recently.

I mean I DON'T even go outside hardly and when I do I come back with a new list of issues. again cool...

I'm trying to deal with my blatant disregard for working technology... Then I realize I'm just happy to be alive. It is what it is diggy? I have a lot to say (I feel like I always say that..), but I don't have the slightest bright light bulb as to how to go about it.. so you get very little. That's not the end of the world, and it's probably for the best right now but let me chill cause I'm getting aGgY again.

My temper is doing it's own thing while my desires are being shunned. I either have to rely on others or carve out my own navigational directory, and truth be told, I'm 1 hell of an architect. I'd say pay attention to what the f*ck I'm saying, but I think ALL my words are important. F*ck it.

*sorry for cussing*

Things are changing right in front of people man... like.. I don't know, I don' t think any of these people pay attention. All I do is pay attention, but even I recognize I'm still very blind to the things around me. To the people around me

*Can the Blind lead the Blind??*

You know, I read this over an over and over and... Besides the fact that what I posted was an excerpt of the whole thing I feel like the significance of what was said/written was lost on all but 1. As much as that hurts/sucks (My mental embodiment of Mr. Fantastic and or his cast aside distant relative Stretch Arm Strong was lost on all... except the 1.)

*Like now... Ya'll don't get it. She may, and I hope U do but whatever*

If there was a soapbox I suppose I would be on it right now. It's really simple though... To simplify it even more, you can break it down into 2 categories. There are people who look at an object/person and see and accept what's in front of them. Not much else goes on. Simple right? Flip the coin and you have the people who see the same thing but go deeper. By deeper I mean they try to figure out why things are put together the way they are rather than just accepting it.

Still with me? Ok... Now take that ^^^

and apply it to some1 reading 1 of these blog entries. I feel rather I gather I know there are those of you who click the mouse and hold it on the scroll thingy on the side. Skimming through to see if your mentioned or who's mentioned... In the case of the more abstract stuff it becomes so superficial.

Oh.. my! Oh my god! HE MENTIONED A GIRRRRLLL!!!!!! F*ck outta here, you kidding me?

*sighs... stILL AggY*

It's like does context mean anything to any1? Trying to censor myself here cause what I want to say raises too many red flags, and I'm too 'in control' to have people thinking otherwise at the moment...


'she rocked fly red heals'

'she rocked fly red heals i noticed cause it's how I feel on fire in the sky'

'in the dark my eyes found the appeal of her red heals thinking chill why add more feet to the hill your climbing?'

'she meant to walk mean stopped the whole scene black cropped spaghetti top and red heals below the jeans'

... I could go on but these 4 examples share common details with different contexts'.

the 1st being a basic observation.

the 2nd being an inside look into the writer's feelings based upon seeing these 'common details'

the 3rd being another observation and inside look into the writer's thoughts with a 'literal account for the writer's thoughts ('chill why add more feet to the hill your climbing?'). So you get 2 perspectives in 1. The writer is acknowledging the tempting thoughts, before laying them to rest while revealing some type of 'struggle' and or 'upward climb' he/she may be going through.

The 4th is like the 1st. Only it reveals the writer's opinion on the lady he is eying. Her alleged intentions, as well as how the lady is viewed by those around in the environment they're both sharing. Don't overlook the fact that it's the most descriptive (although not very well done) of the 4 to give the subject 'lasting appeal'.

And those were just meaningless examples! So try to imagine my irritation when something I actually sit down and put detailed thought into conveying a message with something I write, only for it to be ignored because it's taken at a superficial face value? Especially when it's a matter of me really needing/hoping some1 will understand.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that some of you would even take a minute away from your day to peep what I've jotted. Trust, it means a lot, I guess I'm just saying I don't think there's too much superficial about me. For those that know me personally ya'll should know what it is. I've never been the 1 'like them' in most cases..

Rambling on.. I guess I want people to smarten up a bit, but once again let me chill

*lol* Motherly wisdom.. You have that now so your wiser than them haha chill chill...

Today is creatively inspiring in so many ways I'm kind of excited about it. I don't know how it's going to turn out but I'm feeling like I got 1 of those 'get out of jail free' cards in my back pocket. The real question is, if you FEeL like you have the upper hand on life at the moment, do you advantage?

12 side to those dice 6 sides to die. Diggeth?

*Baby says she wants got me spoiled to begin with*

_ _

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