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Friday, August 6, 2010

I love to LOVE

Love is perfect...

I'm happy to be awAKE this morning no gas.. And I want a motorcycle... LOL

I remember when we and by we I mean Kiki and Rora would sit in the dorm room all 3 of us writing on our own blogs intensely. Short grunts, tiny giggles, confused looks lol it was a fun time.. Anyway I'm reminiscing on that because I dead*ss be laughing and fully entertained (by myself) when writing these.

It's cool having thousands of inside jokes with yourself!

*rolls eyes*

So the mailing list wasn't completely dismantled but it definitely was trimmed quite a bit. I guess you'll know when the email hits riiight? I'm crazy excited for the potential 'heaviness' my pen might allow me to create today. Water falls, and then it's felt.


Been thinking on it for a minute promised it a minute aGO so hopefully things get moving with that. If it turns out anywhere near where I wanna be want it to be it'll bring tears and then permanently rest here.

Ivan what's good? somebody holla at the 'bol' for me! If I start thinking I'm turning into Mr. Fantastic it gets all bad. Never had that problem with my dude in those regards but Uknow! sh*t happens...

There's so much to say, or I just feel like there's so much to say... sO let's just say my mind has a plethora to speak per say. con speech. with words. Or not, I'm capable of going much deeper but I don't want to come off as a... creeper *michelle*

Anyway the '3rd' eyes wide the f*ck open.

I've found a very ambitious way of failing at the things I do to the point where it's literally cool. Depending on what perspective you have on all this it could look really bad though, so I'm ghost-like for the most part. Trying to keep myself in a very insane lane where I know all consequences and outcomes before the decisions are made, and regardless of end results I walk on blind to any perjury (<-- that's a 'trippy' word).

*Can the blind lead the blind??* any1??

Referencing my own 'literature' lOL There's more to that btw...

I really hope every1 is doing well. I haven't forgotten about skype (well I did but let this be mine as well as your reminder that I still have the thing. You gotta hit me for that though, and don't expect me to be on there OD'n, no social network gets that anymore. Bloodsuckers... Take what it was and make it what it 'ain't'.

Shout out to Rubin, Rough n Rugged, and my soon to be named and 'genderized' new notebook (i Don't have it yet.. it'll be petite though hehehehe)

Word to words I'm understanding you ALL more each day. Loving it like I love LOVE, and Marley. I kind of capped out, too much going on right now but today feels like I'm gonna be actively updating seemingly without purpose. Ya'll should know that's never the case smh nope

Shout out to Blu that n*gga is a problem and way ahead of his time. Keep doing you it's much appreciated homey.

Shout out to my colors... Yo word to everybody that's seen me I have a semi MEAN color scheme setup with my clothes IMO lol What you see here is literally what it is. 1 of these days I'm saying f*ck it and goin nuts with my sh*t. Jess I kid you not, get ready for the stares like now. F*cking Jay-Z and his trendiness...

*shakes fist*

Hey Squishy 'Pound my fist' lmao I'm done!

_ _

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