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Monday, August 9, 2010

The blog I'm writing on Rubin write now is OD! I'm excited be prepared to read a lot though. I went IN cause I want to be able to go back and use it as my own reference page.

I have no reason to be blogging right now, but I have no reason not to either. what's illy out there? How's everybody living?

I miss folks so right now. My man's Finally hit me back so what up to him! I'm thinking about the future when I see ya'll again. It'll be nice I know it cause I've seen it already duuuuh.

Oohh now would be a great time to explain how the new berry blogging 2.o is going to go. Basically, when I'm away from Rubin I have all these things to say to people most of the time via my blog. Well obviously being away from Rubin I can't do that. This provides me with a quick easy way to do that.

I've talked about me writing more lately, haven't really gotten into the process of it all though.

There's my notebook - Rough n Rugged. There's my laptop - Rubin
And my blackberry - Reeses

Now in the past I was OVERcool with my then unnamed berry and my laptop banging out blogs like nobody's business. The notebook WAS/IS not for blogs. Never has been, never was, probably never will be. That was the past though..

I learned from selfishly hoarding what I have that eventually technology shoes its ass every now and again. Lost tons of stuff. Probably would never have let any1 see it anyway but I PLANNED to is the point.

Oh the things I plan to do lol

Lesson learned though. So out with the obsessive like saving of these writings I have here. Ya'll get em when I write em if they are being written using Reeses diggeth??

Can't remember what else needed to be said... Raincheck.

*Where's my tag!?!??*

Turtapolous Rex
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