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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Greetings!!! We juiced over here!
Nah I'm lying my ears are tired of being yelled at. Jess is a very angry
person and while I admit to placing 70 percent of what she's dishing out
to me in her (heh), it gets exhausting.
Thoughts running through my mind ya'll... No zooming rather!
Jess makes fun of me writing blogs.. Like constantly. Don't feel too good
about that at the moment just being real..
Meanwhile I still owe you too much. By you I'm definitely not singling
any1 out I just want every1 to know I think about them constantly. The
sick part is with all that I do think about I'm a sh*tty friend.
I can admit it, people don't hear from me enough. Ok, I'm #WorkinOnit!
This wasn't supposed to be a real entry but yo the berry is back!
Love every1
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