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Monday, August 30, 2010


A lot of people been talking real greasy like I ain't been up on slick sh*t since I was a misunderstood misfit, throwing subliminal's in and around my vicinity, and I'm not even f*ckin visible right now. CHill out before it gets addressed in a major way.

Coincidence it all starts happening when I can't properly make verbal rebuttals? Some1 must of thought I needed to get back to blogging. Sure-type FTW! While I think over what I've been hearing I'll let my hands roam free, sounds fair and it should be. Sucks that doesn't mean it WILL be though. Shouts to the twitter folks cause they keep it interesting lol. I haven't been on there cause well Iphone's are gay.

Yeah, apple is trying to block me out and so far they are doing 1 hell of a job. I like you twitter but not enough to put up with what I deem as 'too much' to use your services... (Google any1?)

*Awwww sh*t*

3's FTW.

Momma watch and drop then off to the land of heavy sedation and EXTREME listening... Hey they say drugs are bad. I agree, when it's in it's proper context. Drug researching later too. Why? Because they're in me, and more are soon to follow. Cringe-worthy??


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