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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thanks Geanna

Feel free to send me music. I'm open to everything, and guess what? I'll actually give you MY OPINION on whatever it is I've been sent.

This song struck a chord in me from the beginning. Can't lie getting down and making mistakes is human, it's admitting to yourself you have a problem or are actually wrong that's the hard part... Or even *embarrassed* I think that's a tough 1.  It's hard for people to admit they are embarrassed ESPECIALLY when looking in the mirror.

I've undergone quite the extreme changes in the last few months, and I think I've been avoiding the fact that I AM embarrassed with where I'm at. People I used to be around I either can't be around because of how I feel about myself or they can't be around me for... whatever.. All in all self-esteem starts to drop and that can be a tricky spiral to climb out of.

Anyway rambling, twas not the point. Thank you for offering me a different look on my situation, and for having the thoughtfulness to be there when I haven't.

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