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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can the Blind Lead the Blind?

I smile in the faces of so many because what I have concealed in me is plenty... I need to like give my energy feel me. Feel me? An overabundance of such might just kill me. Someday, but really those days are smokescreens. Due to the haze and other substances that fill me. So I giggle thrilled behind my wall of deception, knowing deep down there are no exceptions. Either get on or develop a weapon for your protection. Immediately a drug reference? Well, that's what they think right? Are they right? I thought I crushed all of that with the help of God's might. HE who shined light in the darkness that was my life. What do I know? I just stay up analyzing and reading all night. Talking to strangers trying to pull away from the dangers broken relationships present to my endangered psyche. wait, that's funny... My old homies kind of play hide and seek. Jokes on me being forever 'it', I lunge as they run from me. Down and dirty getting bummy, my appearance doesn't reflect that I'm hungry-er. My worries were that I'd end up alone, an looking around that's not too far from my current zone, but I'm blown like the wind does to leaves. Like the wind did my friends. Like the wind does to tears flowing from blurry eyes. Dried. I tried, no need to 'wet my beak' bet I'm weak for sure that's more coal, more heat. Find my comfort in girls even if we don't speak. My hands are comforting I know because of what comes back on the screen. Communication by any means might lead to your jeans. She knows it, even shows it through acts of jealousy. I can't blame you I'm thinking 'me too' while fabrications and lies turn to truths. A contradiction, or we're merely confused. Sky bright I look up feeling used. At the edge of self control I start thinking 'what's the use?' Songs flowing through my head, Eminem's 'Beautiful'. Okay I'm cool. The world turns on... Undefined.

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