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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yeah I know...

*For those of you that receive emails from me linking you to this blog this will be the last 1. Not the last blog I write, but every1 is being taken off the list. I can't imagine it being that much of a problem for the majority of you on the list anyway. My reasons are I don't like writing to ghosts unless I'm intentionally doing so. For those that never respond with feedback/questions/answers like I said it shouldn't mean too much to you. Besides that the posts are going to get a little weird I'd imagine. More honest... Apparently honesty is a weird thing to this generation though. So yeah you know the phone's on (916) 230-5293. The emails work . And of course the house that I built will remain . So here's your last platter so to speak. Get at me on twitter or... lol twitter smh just contact me if you care.*

If you love some1 you shouldn't let them go too long without them knowing it... Ya know? Aight ya'll

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