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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cosmic Hop-Scotch?

It's amazing what Cosmic therapy can do for you, even if for a little while I DO feel better. I wanna post it but I feel conflicted I mean I know where my allegiances lie when it comes to the big HE in the sky but my vices are loves of my life.

Chilleth Fair.

This song is OD... Posting later.

Vino keep your head man. I love you like you were born 5 (number of letters inside the word blood) and I'm going to keep letting you know I'M HERE FOR YOU pause, ayo! and all the likes. Lol Stuff gets tough and we're left with just enough belief to trudge through the doubt. *shrugs* All I can say is I'm here with you, right along side you feeling the same way. So eyes to the sky and take flight.


Get it now? aimed at the 1 ALL my negativity is apparently directed toward.

Like I said it's OD but I won't tell you to kill yourself.

"... I'm embarrassed. I'm Alone, I need help..."

*Thank You*

_ _

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