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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

somewhere SHE's Reading Remix!

Hidey hooo jessimo!!

Thought I'd take the time out of my day to just miss you for once! I knoowwwww right? What'd you do to deserve all this? Well Jessica? I say to you CHILL lol now what?

'Anyway hardest working indy-while dealing with traumatic bi-polarisms coming from 9 feet above her head. (Sh*t anywhere within 10 ft of the house ACTUALLY) ' hard title Uknow Iknow!

Too jubilistic up in this b*tch. Running on life is more OD than any drug everrr! Life and heart warming open ended 'memor-thoughts' if u can diggeth.. If not I'm good cause I get it..

Shower's almost freee!! After I get clean I get a Leetol bit insecure looking in the mirror. Tonight I need to own the mirror. Your words may just help after all.. I hope they do.

Anyway here's to loving to love the lovely things that rub off on me due to the lovingly venomous darts you spew. CHill Lol.

Ima C-H 2 ya know??

*the nerve of this boy*

*out of character mind*

*Technology glitches*

Turtapolous Rex
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