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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The start of "B4"


I went after what I tried after I'd write a stanza or 2 to serve as my own relax-er. Girl couldn't get with it for the night so my words will have to suffice. Cool to me but kinda knot. To separate ends and we're both pulling counter productive more money in the pot for well you know.. Things that throw reality on its side a ride back to Kansas aint the place dude. I would've had base all in my face true I was scared my limit was fair to me but now its up there and my thoughts are too so I can stay here and lose them too or hop on like the other fools I used to ridicule. So really what do you suggest I do? Bugging out remember loony tunes, that's my looney tomb for paradox and doom. Fiascos, assholes, depression for slow cash flow. Not mentioning they tracing what I'm pinching fuck.. Like no luck right? Like chill I don't wanna write no more. People ask will you fight for more? I reply "nah" cause they don't even know what they fighting for or where the fight might be likened to go. The here and now in my life I'm fighting for the next day just to catch a gaze as the sunlight blast through my blinds. A kick start intertwined with the opposite of my times. But hey, most of what I defined came from behind something that wasn't mine. I was in my designated single file line. Even seemingly within peace arms length of the tree I'm wild a beast. sickening to feast on what your receptors keep but I'm deep in thought whithout raising my voice to speak. Unless I'm yelling at the peak of my lungs frustrated the stars won't show me where I come from or where to go next damn I'm so stressed. Still in check so I step 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1... Feeling half-through without a capsule to move.. Fucking asshole swear to what's odd that's me. But he see's trash that earned an attachment to what his seed yearns for. Not tonight matter of fact no more not a peep not a word. Strike a chord it'll be clear when I right his jaw. You know.. What I'm fighting for? Anyway I'll pay for that some other day let me save some space for oxygen now by saying 'my mistake' but I don't give a fuck I've never fake. Catching how my face looks like I've never been a-wake. Break it down and wait the ceremonies taking place.

Let me here ya'll talking about spaces... Shout out to my sponsors at the phone company!

*next stanza*

Turtapolous Rex
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