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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall back!

If I'm too much of anything in a negative connotation fall the f*ck back. Reason being, I don't need to hear what I'm not to you, if you feel that way get another me. Dime a dozen I'm sure, go shopping and buy your happiness cause I'm NOT it. Just felt the extra need to put this out here coming off a night where I was back outside and feeling very out of place.

I know what I like/love and what I don't, it's that simple. Forcing me to change what I know to work for me isn't a good look. Forcing yourself to change what you know won't work for you isn't a good look. Does anybody feel me, like can I get a good look? This goes for every single relationship I can think of.

Don't want to think of them at the moment, I know I NEED to work on them so I'm not looking like the perfect saint here. As stated above, just felt the need to address it. Be happy with me, or be happy without me. I think the past half year has shown I'm comfortable or confused enough to foot it alone. Chill.

More to come later. Trying to decipher the difference between a blog and a facebook note. There has to be a difference (in concept and context) otherwise there's no need for both of them, and I need both of them. Do you need it?
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