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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Late 4...

Late for a buzz I'm so ready to get up thought my pen would suffice but I  haven't been using it enough. Next drug, don't listen to me please. Yet listening is all I ever wanted, you see without eyes or ears to fall onto, these words long to be recognized. I lie to myself so they know in order to rectify what isn't real, they have to go behind my back and fin somebody that'll fill them up. Taking away what some say is bliss. Now how is this, I'm lost in it but using it as an excuse for my gift. I say gift because I'm breathing living still unsure if believing in you is completely wrong to do. Dangerous to the psyche or not, definitely harmful word to the knots my heart pumps through. Being true through and through but unaware if being through is public worthy if it's unbelievable by either two. I'm just chilling with no thrills though I could go back on what I said and pop up til what I said comes out of my mind and into my sight instead. Hallucinations for those of you confused, if I'm over your head, be comfortable. I'm over mine too. Typing is cool, provides a direct link into my lies, my windows looking surprised I'm just trying to keep my A in front of evil while I stand in front the mirror. Backwards to most but getting that helps you understand clearer. Watching the watch on my forearm, it never ticks just kind of fades away as time goes on. Tattoos of abuse word I hit you a few times too, but I'm sure of where I stand unfortunately music holds all my truths. 

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