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Monday, September 27, 2010

When 2 plus 1 doesn't add up.

Aka when your chick and you music no longer coexist.

See I can zone to my music all day with or without some1. I'd prefer it to be with some1 else just so I can see how outer space my thinking is when compared with their earthly views. *chuckle*

However, half the time I don't get their opinion at all so that's neither here nor THERE lol. The worst is when I get an opinion that isn't theirs at all. Why curb what YOU think cause I'M weird?? Makes little sense to me.

Moving right along. Few things can compare to the joy that comes over me when I get ready to listen to unheard music. *rephrasing* (f*ck it)

However I DO have a girl won't even shout her out cause she's close to the end of my shout. Trouble comes when I have this other "chick" I'm trying to f*ck with. My excitement can't be messed with I'm telling you that much now. Consequently (essay style), my b1tch clashing with my chick. You figure out who's who cause I'm done thinking I know to find some1/thing new.
... Which would make me excited if you were...

These 2 keep conflicting with each other amongst other things. You sheisty b1tches need to watch out. Shout out to my habits I only care about.

*1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1* <<=== a lot of habits

Lastly, love to those that take time out to understand me amidst the bullsh*t you surely must have to sift through to get dude, or me, or him too.

Just not looking good for relationship season... But you'll know cause Uknow!

_ _

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