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Monday, March 21, 2011


Not cause I'M HIGH! the pieces have FINALLY been placed and set in. I swear if everything works out I will have successfully taken another step into adulthood. My dude I'm hot! meanwhile I'm wild, nothing new there, yet I don't feel like slowing down... We'll see how that plays out, I'm loving life at the moment and that has nothing to do with the little bit of paper I was holding, nah the people G, the people B...

Squishy shout out to you and the baby (who's name I am embarrassed I keep forgetting I'm sorry!) Margot shout out to you and the baby who's name I can't forget)! My other fathers and mothers soon-to-be's and all. Alex let me find out your pregnant!

Loving life moving toward familyism; meaning I am thinking about taking care of myself and 2 others. Never before has this been attempted financially so I'm gonna give it my best shot. Belief is the first step in most cases, and I have an OVER-abundance of faith. Potential too, I'm just trying not to waste that.

7am flow! let's go let's go! Today might be very interesting, if Jess let's me get my way. I feel her but ladies we gotta do something about these double standards! May have to find my Male compadres *sighs, rolls eyes* Lol Nah I really am loving life right now. Just about figured out and I'm ok making mistakes to further that goal. 'No biggie', I say...

Today. *I've been living for today since 'loser'* *I Gotta a lot of Growing up to do...*

Musically I am just... Ecstatic. I'd love to have a listening session with some specific people and just burn trip out and vibe to the music..

B left. I did some snake sh1t, Guess I was holding a grudge. It's cool though I got to see him things are good, future plans seem lucrative. Dale, Macky, Chris, Mike, Sean, X, Jason. 7 Boys! I have 7... 8 boys to lean on now (PAUSE)

*I just really missed your blanket with you under it* ;)

Misconstrued I'm sure but hey.... Geanna! Michelle! lol Ki..Ki.. lol okay I got ya'll all I think I miss every1 just in a good mood (I've said that I'm sure...) Sorry for the scatter brain thoughts, just thought I'd let myself go since I feel pretty in the 1st time since DECEMBER.

Depression is crazy. Feel me though?

_ _

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