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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"i spent my last penny fixing your mistake, and you didn't ask me anything"

There comes a time when you will reach your breaking point concerning your involvement with others. It's quite literally inevitable and even more normal. It all more or less goes back to human nature. The question is when one or the other stops responding what do you do next?

Here's a great example: Take 2 kids. 1's a bully the other is a normal kid. The Bully punches the kid in the arm causing him to cry out in pain, until eventually he sat sobbing in the same spot emotionally distraught and confused. The bully however, laughs and gains great pleasure in the results of his actions.

You see the bully knows that by putting out specific energy he can create specific reactions. Poke the kid watch him cry type sh1t. However once the kid learns that the reaction is what bully is really after, the entire dynamics of the game change.

When the kid is poked/punched/touched he no longer cries, but instead laughs. This angers and confuses the bully who now has no clue what to do to get a reaction out of the kid. The result ends up being an overly frustrated jumping from action to action in hopes to receive a REaction.

Learn that, and it's very likely you'll be able to encounter the majority of the problems that arise in people.

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