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Monday, April 18, 2011

Can I ask?

Why do all my female compadres dislike 1 another? Ya'll realize we ain't NEVER goin NO WHERE with attitudes like this right? Now I ask you how you think it would feel to not move? If you like that thought, cool your weird congratulations. If not, then stop being STAGNANT. I don't want to become that, though I have.

Just had to ask... It's always been that way, but in the past (distant!) I've had to hide these relationships from each other for my own selfish reasons. Now I'm good, and it's like "oh, word? You don't f*ck with her? She got a friend that got a friend, with a dude you don't like and it's bad? Or her and her got funk, and you cool with her but not with her" type sh1t. It's rather (F*CKIN) Ridiculous!! heh...

Anyway it's wack. I'll laugh behind the scenes cause it's funny when people are wack. Ya'll wackstards lol

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