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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Changing. "Next time..."

Things are quickly learning to sprout different outcomes then they would have a year ago. Cool, who's REALLY down for change? So many people talk about things but how much are you actually willing to change yo? It'll all start with a picture (or 2 or 4 or 6 maybe more..)

After multiple attempts of sharing what I've learned; the people I deal with currently aren't the most suited for that. It's no knock on them, just me realizing everything isn't for everybody. Cool, (as stated above)I'll learn to change instead. Not sure if changing yourself to better deal with others is the route to take but it's 'cool'.

No more unstructured stream of consciousness entries from me. Of course, due to previous failed attempts. Those will be mine, or whoever I choose to randomly 'share' with (don't hold your f*cking breath). No this will be very precise well thought out 'safe' thoughts from now on. Basically it'll be the FAKE you deal with on a day to day basis. Sorry.

I guess that would make it... Chris' blog again... Ironic.

I can't be mad at that though, people are still mad from the last time I decided to pop E on this b1tch. Speaking of popping, the reason I'm able to say it's okay for MY SPACE to no longer hold MY TRUE THOUGHTS is because soon I'll be able to share them the way they were intended to be.

No longer bogged down by insecurities or a lack of faith in the subject listener. That side of me really is something... So this is kind of an ode. Or a prelude to an ode to new friends. I'm sure to be making plenty in the near future, and I know there's a neat little change that's taking place in the last few days. Sadly, it's 1 that shouldn't have ever mattered, but now will have to define 'me'. It's going to be fun. Oh and I'll be OD drugged up.

*Got clean to get mean*

And now I can quote myself more. Lol I should have listened a long time ago.

Admittedly, these aren't nearly as fun or revealing, but that's what every1 called for...


*Try to seem believable, but face it you don't trust my truth's*

Here go!

"Next time some sh1t is on my mind, it'll stay there!" Joe Budden

Something's missing... smh

_ _

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