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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

I definitely should have posted this earlier but Happy Bday X. 5/26/11 It's yours my dude! Sorry I couldn't be doing whatever it was you were doing, kinda got caught up with some other things that ultimately weren't very fulfilling. I know you understand... I Hope you do, I think you do, have faith that you do,, but ultimately Hope is where I'll leave it. Your a good dude man, a real positive spirit. I love you, and I want to thank you for grabbing a hold of me. You came back into my life when there was more or less nobody else, and we were always close like family so it just seemed natural that we should be that way again. I'm telling you, typing it out and saying it sounds crazy, cause your probably like n1gga what is your n1ggas for? I hear you, but it's been a crazy 2 years. I can't complain I'm breathing I'm learning, I'm living. It was tough though dead*ss. Know you always got a brother/friend/ whatever you need in me man. I really can't express how much I appreciate you accepting me regardless of who I was in front of you. No1 has really done that before when it puts them in awkward situations. You and her, and my parents lol Damn... Just thanks man. Your a unique spirit I'm happy to know you. Stay safe, you getting older now dog gotta leave that wildin out for the youngins. I know it's get money and your seed's on the way but that's WHY you gotta leave it alone. I don't even know.. I'm good. Your good. Thank you.

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