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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Darkskinned Condition. Lightskin Mentions.

Yet another bullet in my recent stance AGAINST Beyonce. Nothing new, just thought I'd relay that there are other issues I have besides her rehashed recycled songs and declining social message AS SHE GET'S OLDER no less.. smh It's not just Beyonce though. Nicki Minaj get's no more burn from me until she gets with it. You sold your records dumb ignorant girls everywhere are behind you. Speak to THEM not the perverts (like me) who enjoy seeing you in next to nothing for a cheap thrill. The message that's being sent out is just disgracing, and I mean that sincerely. I look around I see young adult women lost, and even more young ladies lost. Notice this has NOTHING to do with race. I just can't fathom let alone respect an artist with so much power not using it to spread positivity. In this case girls WILL be running to the dance floor to break off the next guy instead of hating on each other and being catty.. which may or may not result in a fight breaking out anyway. Sorry if I don't sound like I think very highly of females at the moment. It's not fair to generalize but I TRY, and what I'm getting back is very disheartening. Word to the Oxygen channel.

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

Now this. I have to say this first and foremost; most of these dark skinned women they are talking to don't meet what I would deem as attractive. That's just the reality of it from my perspective, which leads me to wonder are their problems due to THAT, or the color complexion of their skin. I'd say the former, just off of the short clip I watched. I call a spade a spade, it's something that has gotten me into some sticky situations but I stand by that. These women just aren't VERY attractive at all. Not all of them by any means, because I see some in there that are very attractive. Some 'just saying' type sh1t.

Now I do agree with what they are relaying to the viewer. It's downright ridiculous in most cases the amount of self awareness that goes into trying NOT to be another darkskin chick. I know 1 beautiful little lady (Little as in stature not age) who doesn't always have the nicest things to say about darkskinned individuals despite being 'black' herself. Not a diss, just a silent observation that coincides with the commentary some of these women were speaking to. I know too many people that share these setiments. Don't get me started on the dudes. It's just crazy to me, no other way to say it or describe it. I've ALWAYS thought girls were the best thing walking, and thus, have found myself enamored by them. They have things I don't, makes sense.

I can't sit here and act as if there are never negative things that put me off women altogether though. For starters, the lack of unity always on full display is somewhat embarrassing. No I'll say it, it's downright embarrassing. Counterproductive. What I find intriguing about this is females usually aspire to be like some1 they see. Some1 visible, a la Beyonce, Nicki Minaj. So yes it irritates me when Women especially black women aspire to be something for reasons they can't explain. It all comes full circle to the question: WHY?

'Because that's what's hot' 'Because that's what guys like' These are 2 answers I'm done hearing. Basically my respect for you has to deminish when you say things like this to me with a straight face. Why do you give a f*ck what anybody else feels or thinks that isn't you? I suppose that's the question. When did THAT acceptance become THE acceptance, and why did they allow room for the rare 'exception'?

I'm honestly getting a little more heated as I type, because I know no 1 willing to stand up for what they believe in. Too much unnecessary thinking goes into it. If your thinking about things you don't need to be, then your not focusing on what you NEED TO BE!

I do have more to say, but a different format in which I can say it is needed.

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