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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm such a f*cking liar

Kinda Cool

To be more attracted to some1 4 years after you met them and well... heh Definitely dope.

Little over a month ago but your right I think your ugly, and a bunch of other hurtful things. It is what it is, if I said I wasn't used to it I'd be lying. This just 1 of many examples since atraction was called into play. People stop f*cking with me. Especially when you sound ignorant I've been me so acting as if this is something new just makes you sound even more wack.

As I stated too many times. People read this sh1t and take what they want from it. I'm not going to censor my mind cause people are quick to catch feelings and leave. People are quick to catch feelings and get disappointed resulting in them leaving. People leave is the point. Ya'll won't be the 1st or the last. I've dealt with this long enough and I'm no longer causing my tongue to bleed on your behalf.

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