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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Like I don't try.

She says she's leaving again, well that's nothing new. Make sure to tell your friend this one's done I'm too fucking rude. Pops reminiscing, you know how many oppotunities I blew? He does, again, nothing new. I'm cuffing who ever's down too cuddle, well on 2nd thought I'm selling dreams JUST to burst bubbles. If I can't be happy f*ck you gonna be? Not with me for certain only thing I believe: There's no fantasies unless your smoking weed, doing E poppin 3's you might see some sh*t. I'm drifting away from everything, I might need a lift. No car to call my own and no1 calls my phone. Entertainment is what I make it usually indefinitely makeshift.So why the f*ck would I say it stop rubbing the years in my face... Notice the rhyme scheme? See I HAVE withdrawal I just think exercising shouldn't be part of the clause. Filtering so much it's crazy, after the fact I said I wouldn't I must've really cared about the lady. Still no tears, and with as much as I've been on the memories will soon be fading, but deadass who's hating? What a wack card to try and pull, you pulled it and I was astonished said 'f*ck it' I'll play the fool. So I hate you too, forever and ever more No f*cking names mentioned what am I being subliminal for? Its a critical sore that I'm not feeling anymore. Tried to let it scab over of course that didn't work, every new wound or scratch reminded me I waS HURT then I didn't some JERKsh1t unearthed what I felt was THE purpose execution less than perfect, but GOD it was all worth it. I see there was supposed to be a party tonight, ohh that makes sense, hit me and try to make it right. Then we can ACT like it's alright like we didn't just get done with a fight that lasted throughout the entire car ride. I'm bout to glide on these snitches. Oh there's that word.. What the hell everything can't be stopped by a censor. They say b1tch on tv now? Word? I never knew. I knew a couple in my day but none like you. Leave it at that before my tires get slashed, sh1t I might really need to pack. People in LA say 'come we got some ill sh1t' my New York click warns me 'just be legit' That's east or west, might even do Texas, F it I'll do what, I want you hit the exit. Life is Tetris, and I have a death wish. Truth is too many acted clueless now I'm really bout to do this. F it. Like I said I'm just down to get the best fit taking motivation from the messages I'm checking. Got you, you, and you. You know I'm lying barely half of what I say is true I'm excluded by noise secluded like toys. Letting my fingers and thumbs dictate my voice. You know growing up teachers always said I spoke through my words and now here I am trying to make them all work together. I'm forever pulling the wrong levers but I thought we were on the same level now communications severed. Why? Somebody had to try, feelings had to die, just like me inside. I'm gonna go bi, I really don't like sex. Or dudes either, it's a complex concept. Gonna go buy a net to catch my thoughts when I'm high. When I'm high it's such an incredible ride. Get an edible tie and let her figure out what to do with it. Honestly so many things been getting at me. I'm scared to even write it with all these 'new' blog sightings let's just say there's plenty keeping me away from commitment. After being OD committed with crazy doubts my position shifted into a gear I wasn't comfortable with I like to be neutral but resisting proved futile. Goodbye love, it was something else indeed. I'm in need of some1 who gets me, not just wants me because they grew to love me. Keep it real with yourself the last 2 years been ugly. How's that for a time stamp? I'm trying to be a man I keep fighting the realizations I come across but I can't just ignore them. *hey, your dumb! Your dumb!* I'm shaking my head like I feel it but I don't I've been numb. bout to get something to cut maybe then I'll give a f*ck.

The definition of 'sucks'

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