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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People piss me the F off.

Trying to look past the anger I felt last time I decided the truth to you was better than lying. Waiting for excuses in hindsight you got your mind right, unfortunately I needed that last night. Day light saving me precious time I'm boxed in mind moving lips sealed no talking. I want it all so I guess I'm all in. Friends I hope you caught the lesson, don't test him. Rude motherfuckers screw you and your lover. This is just a free write I'm never undercover but I cover up thoughts just to be more subtle to your feelings. Give me the same treatment or catch me peeling out of your life pathfinder 4 wheeling. It ain't mine but the ladies don't mind TRUST ME. Tried to play me and I'm fine or was he..? I don't know score blow on the low cause it's undetectable oh shit he's a professional. And nobody knows well here goes the confessional.

something light.

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