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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A strong movement.

You ever go to listen to something you LOVED, but no matter what you do that day during that time, you can't get into it? Like absolutely do not feel it? I hate when that happens... Mostly because I don't know what to do, I want to love it the same dig me? Music...

Another text message goes ignored and I'm bored doing chores I could've explored the conversation more but what for? You were mean to me and you don't get to see the things I push beneath the sheets. Everything I think keep it raunchy, everything I beat just haunts me. Feeling like its beef come stomp me please. For the life of me, I'm wrapped in leather channeling Fonzi nobody cooler than me, I'm cooler than the breeze. Cooler than bragging to your boys about pet toys keeping it real on their knees. Not really but, that's what these niggas want so I give em that. What the fuck I gotta front either that or 'gotta run son' Chilling with niggas and guns niggas is cool the guns protect the funds but I'm witness to them bein overused. Committed but fade out like what's good? this abuse? What's the use? I'm focused Like your dude and sty-pen'n the groove holding out until the payoff that's the route you'd rather choose. To set it straight I'm only armed with what's true. I refuse to diffuse alarmed at the truth. Time to turn nothing into something before it needs dumping. It being me, the bass got my head thumping. Clumping thoughts together some bad, some better but I'm aware. Need to step back Just need a second in fact, but they don't ever break it down just take the seconds. That's wack. So I'm left with that which I really can't prove especially by myself need another mind to peruse. Digging out clues, far from blue I love your smile, but more than that your attitude. Not what I'm used to, believe I'm used to objects being useful utensils to knock a dude cold. Loving you no better than fools gold. A strong movement in me cupid your stupid indeed I wanna be free so let me be. no more darts through heart or riding in dark, I wanna be sure. I feel that spark, and not just from the start you hearing me? Drag on too long no more tears in me envy the emotionally driven. I'm trying to find some emotions to make me feel like life's worth living. But ya'll don't get it, definitely don't get him! Jess I'm sorry apologies are needed. I talked to some chicks and girl you like a genius with the music so I'll admit it I was wrong. I still think you f*cked in the head not bobbin to songs but hey... what can say? if I used the shit I heard from them? I'd have to curve to win what a problem then jotting on the curb wind tearing pages I miss so many faces.. Gotta face that many wanna trace with their lips Gotta work to eclipse the nerve of fucking with a bitch word. A strong movement, from something heard...

I can keep going, there's more.

somethin light.

_ _

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