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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Rested Reminder

From arrested development.

Funny how YOUR favorite rappers f*ck with my favorite rappers, and no1 really knows accept the people seducing the music.

Japanese Cartoon are f*cking ill. No Genre is the way to go.. I tell. Excuse me. I ask people why they do or don't like something and they usually have no clue. Ya'll are straight programmed and I'm not scared to say it. Broaden what "something" is "supposed" to sound like, and ask yourself why you feel that way.

Blu I've bigged him up quite a bit. People still sleeping. 'What's this? Who's this?' Lol whatever man. Music muf*cka. Music.

Real sh1t. I want these projects.

Kind of got me inspired. I've been trying to take 'it' somewhere, but definitely ran out of gas 4 days ago. Like mid sentence too. I'm just taking my time with everything right now. Searching... (I just remembered something I forgot yesterday around 5:00 PM... I think my memory is getting the steroid treatment. Only no juice, straight focus and inspiratoin. Ironic.)

Now I want to write it down, or at least share but I don't want to lose the challenge of actually REMEMBERING IT. Not the most life altering delemma to have. I win early and often today. Where the tee at?

I tucked my F's and R's today. Ucka!

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