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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 min before Work.

On and on ideas were fawned promises traded faith was pawned. No no just going so go go. Trumpet's and saxophone's maxing out then matching crescendo's. Beautiful. Thanks Chuck. What up!? The plus being I got up and worked on getting unstuck. Stepping in mess, so yuck, my next 1 will suck too but it's okay. Ok'd the 'okay' that was a day old. Day old sh1t is still good in my book, crook-like mistakes I'm looking to have booked though. Gotta keep a record of what doesn't make sense, I doesn't it went. Cents to made, they wasn't I did. Something extra... Extra hybrid slide in, the hose is running the tarp is in the grass. You won't get it cause you didn't share my past slip and slide simplistic and entertaining. My kind of ride. My kind of high, nah nevermind. I can try to hide cause in my head it's sleepytime. Bye bye responsibility, your really killing me, got 12 eyes staring deep, saying they feeling me. I don't care go somewhere, the rest of ya'll grow some hair. What you talking? Let's go there! hardy har the concept of a contracept contradicting the next step, because I'm out stepping outside my head. Walking or running demons are coming I heard them in the music all synchronized humming, while the lyrics had undergone the process dumming down the public. I love it cause I see it for what it is, those NOT in the know just say that I'm bugging. Yup... Shoulder shrugging, I've been here before. Won't be the last time I'm left outside the door while ya'll chill in the warmth. I'm so good out here. Might stay right here. I gotta go though just made 3 min feel like a light year.

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