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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I think I have a fairly good handle on what it is about Big Sean now that I'm sitting here concentrating on a body of his work. I can't get with it because it's not me. That doesn't mean it doesn't sound good, or he's not executing what he's saying well enough. It just means, I don't relate. Not even in terms of being off the radar on some thug sh1t. No, I don't relate with the mentality.

It's funny to me listening to it because it's like okay, you big sh1t you f*cking these chicks and they wanna f*ck you. Okay... You want money... Okay... Sh1t that's just not me, and I wouldn't want that to be me. See it sounds to me like my teammates that used to smash out all these chicks, and treat them like items. That's not cool to me, some of those chicks were my friends.. So if it's okay to belittle ya'll like that, cool.

What's ill about that is I can be in a position to do just that like right now if it were that serious. Yet I know if THAT were the case in reality it would be a 'disrespectful' problem. That's the most glaring objection I can find. Next would have to be his next favorite subject of choice.. MONEY. Yoo I'm good when it comes to that, speaking in terms of upbringing and having to REALLY struggle. It's been a minute not since I was much younger, yet that was never my goal and it never defined the motivation behind my actions.

I may have money and blow it, or not have it and blow it. It doesn't matter because money isn't what makes me or the people around me. If that's what you after more power to you I can't hate, but I can choose to just ignore it altogether. People CHANGE for money, which leads to my next point.

Listening to Finally Famous made 1 thing much more clear. Big Sean got on, and lost all his artistic credibility to better appeal to the 'NOW' in the pop music stratosphere. Something to me as a fan of hip hop acts that stood true to themselves AND furthered the culture, is just flat out wack. It's dead*ss hard to respect him now listening to his older stuff. While it IS his OLDER stuff, the fact that he sounds more like a corny less appealing Drake now more than ever isn't a plus in my opinion.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG! He can rap, he just raps on the other juvenile topics. I could try to break it down, I could try and make it make sense...

I got b1tches on my dick sucking it fucking it.the fucking hoe was loving it.. as opposed to (insert name here) busting it gushing it damn i was huggin it smothering it fucking loving it.

Now as I was writing that I realized 'hey, your going to run into these issues all the time in hip hop' and that's true. However the perspective which 1 can be coming from can be world's apart. 1 is coming from the dominant perspective, 1 that is in control and views the woman as an item. The other is describing the same type of acts while giving off no definitive impression of masculinity or dominance. Definitely not disrespect.

It doesn't help when you big yourself up to be the type that f*cks and dips to the next, as opposed to the 1 that has sex because he actually falls for the girls. I mean their both *ssholes banging out different chicks, 1's just sincere about it, while the other see's them as the next nut. I guess it's all preference. I'll take the latter for my sanity though.

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