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Friday, June 3, 2011

Comment here!

I am extremely late addressing comments... maybe because the notices aren't emailed to an account I can check. Of course I see them eventually, and I ALWAYS appreciate them! However, due to the lateness of my discoveries I often don't feel it makes much sense to comment back. I'm not sure if that logic makes any sense... Something tells me it's like thanking some1, of course it's bad not to do it right away, but a thank you is better than no thank you.

Maybe that was an apology... I'm not sure at this point I just know they can both be appreciated the same.

While I would love to boost my comments on here I won't comment back because it's there now and I even have trouble finding it.. Or I will, you'll see.. Okay, I'm done being confusing!

Well I don't mind if you copied and pasted. Acknowledgement is acknowledgement, especially if there's something positive being said about it...which I can't tell if there

I DEF forgot about that paper on the desk lol....wommmmp. Oh well. Catchin the sly's like a hound though.

Get it? 

I don't think soooo ;)

You go tooo hard into what ppl interpret off of what you say...Just LET IT BE! but good post tho.
Well anonymous I did not get your comment. Unless you are speaking on sly fox's, and the hound catching the fox. On some fox and the hound type sh1t. I was being extremely precise with my duality, thanks. In other words I DID like it, just felt like sharing MY perspective on my constant filtering. Or need to..  I can't say that I mind clicking on some1's page and seeing something I wrote there.. I can say it's uncomfortable but in the grand scheme of things do I really give a flying f*ck what the next person thinks? Not really, I do care about what I think though so I try to be as honest with myself as I can allow. That's tougher than some1 I don't know reading my ish. Besides who's heard me SAY this stuff? These are the hurdles I deal with, so yeah not an issue. Hope it shed some light though. Thank you very much!

What is a friend, but a single soul dwelling in two bodies.


Well anonymous, cool quote. I love quotes if you haven't noticed. Aristotle was a cool guy, though by his times standards was probably an extremely weird figure... Ever notice how influential iconic people were usually pretty F'd up by society's standards? That's so interesting to me! Anyway, I would hesitate to label my friend's that way. 1 single soul? 2 bodies? Yikes. I've been left out to dry too many times to feel comfortable with that description, but maybe that was the point?? Friends are great though, I wish I had more good 1's.

Thank you for the comments, sorry for the late reply. Much appreciated.

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