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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frustrated beyond Repair

I'm not happy right now. I'm happy for what the future can hold, and what new opportunities will bring but I'm not happy right now. I'm just worn out, it seems as if nothing I do is ever good enough. Which sucks to the most exteme levels because I've felt like what I've been doing hasn't been anything I wanted to do. Everything is off and nobody wants to fix anything thing right now, they all just want to complain about things being off. I've been off for how long now?

I'm frustrated.

I wish I could move away.. Get away, be away. I feel like there are so many bloated expectations and I just want to see if I can f*ckin survive. Cause see, people been talking A LOT OF SH1T over the course of the last 2 years. I'm in a beautiful position to stick a d1ck up them on some other sh1t. I want to f*ck them, for the pain they caused me.

So I'm bitter and frustrated.

I guess anger is a great way to mask fear and uncertainty too. It's not fair. This sh1t is too much for me right now. Breaking down is something I'm accustomed to, but it should not be this way right now. So much wrong with what's right, and not enough right with what's wrong.

Give me some f*cking pills, I felt great on those.

See I'm being pulled from what I love. It is what it is, but it hurts regardless.  F*ck it, I had a vision and I'm in a position to make that vision work. I'm doing it my way and a lot of people aren't gonna like it. I'm just curious to see who's gonna be there at the end. I wish people would just take what they knew and throw it out the f*ckin window though. I don't even know what the hell to expect from me. Unfortunately, I can't tell the future and everybody wants answers as if the opposite is ACTUALLY the case. It's not.

Music, can you make it twice?

3 times, 4 times, I don't really know the number. Who would, when they do their best to forget. I was about to get tight again, but nah, not my place. I know the bullsh1t flying at my face recently, I'm not unaware at all. Truly the opposite, remember 'what's done in the dark comes to the light'. That was about a week ago. Here I go wrapped in riddles, done is an understatement.

I need a new f*cking zone.

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