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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OK, okay, to be fair.

Backward's knockout okay? (title)

Anyway, to be fair I may just be buggin' out a little bit... Maybe.. I doubt it though. I'm trying to be on the absolute best behavior which isn't at all hard. Boredom is with me everyday, nothing new there. Contrary to what it IS I don't crave p*ssy, I love pink. I want a piece of peace and understanding. pretty much it. I'd like that piece to come unharassed but hey, can't have everything.

So say you want what you want, in fact, I believe you. I want what you want, yet, you don't believe me. Evidence is all that is being looked at here, sorry for words. When it hits and your 'Sorry' isn't enough not because it's wack, but because I know it'll happen soon it's down from there.

This entry is chopped liver, or seafood.

Nothing changed, like ever. It could, but I figure what's the point? I gotta pass out sometime.

Scary and hilarious (only because of pictures in and of the mind too)

_ _

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