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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skills... Sold... Truth... Told

I've grown weary over the last few years of looking at what was done. I've taken a keen interest in the path the subject takes to gain the 'what'. HOW was it done? I guess, being someone who's always been overlooked or reconsidered due to the tag attached to a name does that. In other words, skills never told the tale for me and mines. It should have, but that's not the world we live in. So HOW did we get there?

I have to laugh to myself having the foresight to make yet another video game reference (they've started to build up in my writing), but it fits and is the only way I can assure I'm still smarter than need be. Not at all alarming that I could subject what I'm doing into what I'm believing or not. I just want people to stand in agreement. One arm holding themselves as it props the other ever so gracefully to be perched atop their respective chins. Nodding with trance-like focus, because what they've discovered is what I've always known.

Save the punchline there. ^ ^

If I'm hit I'll gain SOMETHING! If I hit you I'll gain more of something, so what is so special about the 'something'? Everything is so contexualized, which is cool until you become the lone individual compartmentalizing each 'thing'/item in its proper form and place (context).

Yeah, it's been a minute. So it's only right if I allow mandate for change. Trying to accept comfortability amidst chaos while whistling while you work. Quite honestly, there's too much work to be done to be content on the couch. Unless ******

(I couldn't find something that made me feel more clever.)

is UP on the same couch helping me out.

I lost it, bummer.

_ _

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