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Saturday, May 2, 2009

left out of it..

I guess cause I was left means I'm out of it. (C) charles hamilton

I literally slept the first of May away. Feels weird acknoledging
how unproductive I was lol

The number 2 has a special place in my life. Don't ask me why I just
like that number. Coincidentally it represents a special day for me and
two families as well so I'm gonna acknoledge it (the number). Peace.

(Two's(fingers) for that topic)

Mr. Quick! Lol closet reader its all good homie I'll break it down
for you like this (without delvin into detail besides you 'pink' like me
Lmao you'll get it)
I have no problem with you (and never have in all these cases), or Brian,
or Spence, or Andy, or Tim, or Josh, or Jordan. Lol see where I'm
going with this? I tried to comment from my phone don't know how that turned out..

Let me say I read all the comments and am admitting to being terrible
with responding back up to this point. That'll change liiiiike now lol.

I think I feel like grinding today (for my blog). I'm not sure what
exactly that consists of, but its probably safe to say a lot
Of entries will come out of it..

Anybody listening to anything good out there? I wish for once I could be
the one being told to check out an artist *shrugs*, but it is what it is.
If you want to shoot me some music or suggestions hit me up at

(Me reaching out)

I'm thinking about putting a different twist on my morning. Just depends on how twisted
I want to be. (That could be trouble) Nah really I'm just looking forward to some
good basketball today.

*my prediction..*

Chicago loses by 8 in REGULATION. There aren't any other predictions because I honestly don't
know who else is playing lol. Whatever that's the only game I'm interested in until this 2nd round kicks off..
Wait my bad, D-Wade has a chance to will his team to the 2nd round (almost guaranteeing a less exciting matchup than the hawks would give)
so I guess I'm interested in that game 7 too..

The sun's starting to come up and I'm wide awake awaiting its arrival. I can't say its not lonely, but I can say that I enjoy it. Damn if
these jam sessions don't up my appreciation for all things music. Too bad I haven't been able to write for sh*t lately. Which reminds me...

She was right. I posted it anyway to... Crickets (that's silence) lmao oh well, its like I said, I was just staring at it.
The people have spoken, (actually they didn't lol) try harder I guess..? Disappointments can only be looked at as hurtful pushes
in another direction in my journey towards progression. <<----(In my mind anyway lol) I'll be here all day. Gone!

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