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Saturday, April 25, 2009

get ya nails did!

Just got my nails done on some heterosexual type shit.
Damn that mess is RELAXING!! Had to ponder the question
Ms. Thang (the one doin my nails lol) asked me though..
Did I want a clear finish or not? F**k! Years of being
Conditioned to be very afraid of anything remotely uh..
Not straight had me sitting there blank faced for like a min
Lol dead ass though! I'm trying to think where I've seen clear
Finishes on boys... Two teammates of mine.. (Not the same team)
And various celebrities.. In either case I never really got it.
Do girls except this or maybe even prefer this??

Random but I really wanna know!! Lmao gone..

Manicures aRe NOT GAY lol f**k what you heard!


1 comment:

  1. i dont think its "not str8" i think its good house keepin but i dont want a nigga wit some NASTY ASS HANDS!!!! so i would actually prefer you to have a manicure



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