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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Day (pause)

I'm not an ice cream flavor you can't get the scoop on me! Lmao you can ask and I'll oblige though. Anyway its Father's day, and I'm oh so glad I'm not being honored! Wait does that mean I don't want kids? Of course not, I'm just happy to not have someone I'm not ready for yet.

*staying away from all baby mama jokes*

I need to find this damn song.. Anyway shout out to the daddy's dale, matt, sean, what up!?

My man's

*Said in the denzel washington American Gangster voice*

I'm bout to get back to my game until I find this song, then I'll have more to say. Rora I.P.4.U.D.B.D.! Wooooooorrrddd!!! Lol Gone!


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  1. lmao I have a little feeling that was directed at something i may of said earlier bahaha ouchhh. -Meg



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