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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ER Room

I f*cking hate hospitals!! Can't stand them one bit! So as I'm sitting here in the emergency room, I'm overwhelmed with a sense of discomfort. Deep gash over my eye, but I'm cool with that. Its the thought. No, the understanding that I'm going to spend at the least 2 hours in here that's killing me. So I'm playing that game where you sit and look around at everyone else waiting (who are also discreetly looking around themselves), and try and guess why they are in here. Then again, this game is making me think about why I don't like hospitals, so yeah, back to blogging.

Uuuuuuggggghhhhh!!!! Crazy nasty a** dude just rolled in here (literally lol) legs all f*cked up wtf!? Somebody should cover them with a blanket or something... (Not nice.)

No I didn't get this gash by getting cold clocked by an angry female like that Charles Hamilton n*gga. I was hooping and came into contact with someone else's hard a** head. I've been playing ball for as long as I can remember, and I've never had to deal with any gash resulting in blood and stitches. I do remember a lot of head to head collisions, head to elbow, head to knee, etc. (u get the point I've been hit a lot) So why the f*ck did this take place how it did!? I've been hit way harder before and walked away with a scratch. All I can think of is this is God's way of telling me something privately (camera crew was not there.. Well not mine anyway).

What is it that I'm supposed to learn from this?

Let's see, I have repented for my vacation. Sorry again Kansas kids! That deals with communication over long distances. Maybe its something more closer to home?

Whatever the case, this sucks. I can't even remember the last time I had to have stitches (dead ass), but coincidentally those were also acquired by my eye (the left one). I should be high right now... Maybe if I ask nicely one of the nurses will accommodate me with something that will take me away. Probably just very wishful thinking though.

Relationships, relationships, f*ck my relationships.. I'm starting to think I'm more cut out for the life of a traveling samurai. Or mercenary..

Why? Because they are ridiculously bad a** lol (not that I'm that, because I'm not). In all seriou... Dead A**ness (lmao still isn't old and it won't be until I get my proof) it seems like I'm more suited for a lonely life of travel where people aren't so much stationary pieces in my life, as opposed to temporary benefactors/bosses/sidekicks/lovers. To me it just seems to make more sense, especially with how "well" I communicate, but hey, my head hurts and I'm just trying not to acknowledge where I am right now (that's crazy, I didn't mean for that to be taken figuratively but it works.. But literally).

So yeah I'm either one of those two things in my mind right now. Which I'm losing in the slightest of ways fyi. A friend of mine said in order to connect with people effectively you have to be able and understand things from their perspectives. Meaning discrimination of any kind (specifically dealing with matters of opinion) is out for me. You can really take it as deep as you want. ^
Ex: Soulja boy sucks. To me that's a very true statement lol. However, somewhere out there are people that like and enjoy Soulja boy's music. So it isn't wise for me to discriminate against it, because doing so shuts me off from a perspective held by someone down the road that I may want to help.. Too much? My head hurts lol. Just know I'm trying to be more open minded towards things I either haven't liked in the past or don't understand now. Check in Later.. Gone!


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  1. Oh! poor chrissy poo! hope it feels better soon. how does this fit in with your routine?



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