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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm almost cute again! (sun rays mean fun days)

Lol just felt like sharing that. I've been in fitted hats since my head was bust open (yea I know its grammatically incorrect surprise surprise) and today is the first day I shed the hat. Simply because my eye is looking better (almost healed no scars plz!!), and I got some of the craziest waves on earth! Lmao dead a** though. I'm getting it in early today starting things off right. LA is going to win, I'm going to stay disciplined, and people are going to smile.

I like that, matter of fact I want to make this the first stress/argument free day of the summer. Spazzing is not an option. Anyone who tries to go against this today will be put down by my waves lmao. I need to stop..


I love the innocence of a child's hello/hi. Puts a big a** smile on my face every time.

Kids on the way? Lol let me stop, I don't think about how the things I think about are perceived when I'm happy. YOU KNOW!!

*dont stop the music, never stop the music!*



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