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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its not like im crazy or anything..

Just different, ya'll know the drill. I'm socially Socrates, because I'm assuming he locked himself in the house and only mumbled incoherence to people as a substitute for conversation. Why would Socrates want to talk anyway? He was probably too busy being a genius. Not saying I'm a genius, but I do be busy doing me lol. Socially awkward I know I'm weird just deal with it if your not used to it.

This isn't supposed to be a long entry by any means. I think I'm going to leave my spot and walk over to the block myspace, facebook, and twitter live on. Maybe, definitely don't feel like walking, but then again I did a bunch of stuff I didn't feel like doing today. Progress is the key to any attainable goal. F*ck how long it takes you to accomplish, just keep digging away at it.

Just completed my backup plan. Feels good to know that in the event that 2011 doesn't go as planned I'm good with a legit second option. Money will be made in my life lol. Not that money is my goal in life, because to me that's wack as sh*t. I want to chase passions. I am chasing passions. I think the best part of it all, is bringing the people I grew up with along with me.

There isn't going to be any turning my back on folks just cause. I'm fully prepared to reach out and grab the willing. They'd do it for me (I think..). Anyway, I'm just excited to see the future. An attainable future at that. For now I AM trying to attain money, but not for the sake of getting paid. This is more like "my foot's in the door now where from here?" sort of thing.


I'm riding to the airport with Jess, and we are talking about old a** cartoons we used to love growing up. Hey arnold, doug, rocko's modern life, Darkwing Duck, x-men, spiderman, etc. I could go on and on, just know I was/am a cartoon head. That includes movies and such (ask me what my fav. Movie of all time is.), really I'm a big nerd but that's ok cause I'm Turtle, and that's how I get down lol.

Speaking of which I recovered all alter ego's today, pretty cool.

I want to shout out all the blogs I follow, everybody keep doing your thing. I've been slacking lately but I'm about to have an appreciation thread for ya'll. So keep it ill! Gone!!


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