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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Practicing Restraint

Michelle catch up! Lol nah I have been trying to write more though. No point in having it there for no one to see but me though... Well there is but yeah, enjoy it, hate it whatever..

(She said listen when u dealing with me don't make promises you can't keep)The air's still smoke fills empty space as I lay with a gaze fixated on the (my)haze(face)smoke circulates in a peculiar way as I create different shapes with my fingers what a game I wonder if its the same for her laying with jane I'm saying

we be on the same plain every day and when it goes down we on our night thing but hey against the grain is how I like to play I'm open she know it so she let it slide and when I'm by her side I know regardless of whatever we're alright but what about the night when I'm zooooooonnnniiiiiinnnnnnnggggg

she's all allllooooooonnnneeee and my presence can't touch where she stands huh!? Can't reach through the phone to put one on ya used to be I couldn't dial your number stress piled me under bags zips halves and nicks that you provided with your own money clips yeah that's it I aint forget that shit but for the moment I'm not on it clear sailing no drama no tonic though I stay with the juice

no chronic cause I'm saving that for you chess game? Maybe my Bishops go hard in the middle just a riddle cause I know I can be quite evasive but this is not the place to be great stunting with your knights put those away kid!

learn your history you'll find its way creative better yet learn the game the way we did and there it is are you still playing with me? Laying there half covered in sheets aint heard your voice in a minute but what is speech? when we communicate through breaks and beats snares and kicks the craziest did I just hear..

Nah let me rewind that shit lyrics you know I'm laughing now right koo-laid style like my smile might outshine the lights its that bright baby I finally get it I'm just that nice lol let me stop.. And come back just to say this is better than whatever other written's on display and its dedicated to you and the spot where you lay

thinking on all of it I wish I could put your thoughts away or mine at the very least my words could make your thoughts ok daydreams or nightmares we share everything from love to movie chairs but beware there are those who don't care peep their evil stares but its like shotpullin we just bust em out the air I take a little yell pull bust a shell and I'm cool

I gotta vent to you hence my stint spent trying to repent for all my shit without you baby I got you and I can't live without you there's just something about when we're out even if...

(Yeah its unfinished.. more throughout the day )



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